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Tattoos – Your Health Is at Risk


The detrimental side effects of tattoos are known, but are often being ignored. Many just assume that tattooing is safe because of its popularity. Others simply fail to do their research before being injected with dies, plastics and paints. Many feel that since tattoo parlors are regulated, then the ink should be to, but that’s just not true. The potential of infection with life changing infections is also present. The biggest health risk is due to heavy metal poisoning due to tattoo ink. There are things everyone should know before they are tattooed. I will endeavor to inform you of the major risks.


The risks associated with tattooing can be described as skin related diseases, end organ disease (liver, kidney, brain) and heavy metal poisoning. There are ways to avoid these effects of tattooing and I will share those with you. But first, let’s look at some statistics.

According to Statistic Brain (2016),

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10 Best Sofa covers that your Room

Have You Ever Been Looking For A Strategy To Maintain Your Chairs Included From Harm Would You Like To Hide Put On Tear Frayed And Tattered Edges As Well As Rips Now Which You Could Fix Your Historic Chairs To Their Former Glory And Without Problems Preclude Harm Chairs are undoubtedly the most commonly used furnishings pieces in both dwelling and working areas

A. Colorxy Velvet Spandex Fabric Stretch Dining Room Chair Slipcovers House Decor Set of four, Peacock Green

Colorxy Velvet Spandex Fabric Stretch Dining Room Chair Slipcovers Home Decor Set of 4, Peacock Green

Have You Been Looking For A Approach To Preserve Your Chairs Blanketed From Harm Would You Love To Hide Wear Tear Frayed And Tattered Edges As Good As Rips Now You Can Restoration Your Ancient Chairs To Their Former Glory And Comfortably Restrict Damage Chairs are surely the most commonly used furnishings portions in each dwelling and dealing areas …

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B. Sofa Guard Long-established Reversible Couch Slipcover furniture Protector, Seat Width Up To 21″, 2 Inch Strap, Computing Device Washable, Slip Duvet Throw for Pets, Dogs, Kids (Chair: Charcoal/Linen)

Sofa Shield Original Reversible Couch Slipcover Furniture Protector, Seat Width Up to 21

The Long-established Couch Shield will shield your furniture from the mishaps of daily existence …

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C. CHUN YI 2-Piece Jacquard Polyester Spandex Sofa Slipcover (Chair, Grey)

CHUN YI 2-Piece Jacquard Polyester Spandex Sofa Slipcover (Chair, Gray)

Magical There Is 2-piece Jacquard Sofa slipcovers …

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furniture Fresh New and Expanded Anti-Slip Grip furnishings Protector, Chair Duvet, Slipcover, with Keep Put Straps and Water Resistant Microsuede Fabric. Protects from Puppies. (Recliner, Chocolate) 

Furniture Fresh New and Improved Anti-Slip Grip Furniture Protector, Chair Cover, Slipcover, with Stay Put Straps and Water Resistant Microsuede Fabric. Protects from Dogs. (Recliner, Chocolate) 

The Anti-Slip furniture Protector with a Water Repellant Face Material is the ideal Approach To Keep your furniture easy from messes made through children and pets …

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Gorilla Grip Fashioned Slip-Resistant furnishings Protector, Suede-Like Fabric, Slip Reducing Backing, Two 2″ Thick Straps, and Two Seat Anchors (Chair: Espresso)

Gorilla Grip Original Slip-Resistant Furniture Protector, Suede-Like Material, Slip Reducing Backing, Two 2

Listed Here Are answers to a few long-established questions WHAT Measurement Should I ORDER Please MEASUREyour furniture prior to buying …

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Excellent Bay Residence Brand New Velvet Plush Strapless Slipcover. Type Fit Stretch, Fashionable furniture Cover/Protector. Gale Assortment by means of Company. (Chair, Wild Dove Grey)

Great Bay Home Modern Velvet Plush Strapless Slipcover. Form Fit Stretch, Stylish Furniture Cover/Protector. Gale Collection by Brand. (Chair, Wild Dove Grey)

Gale Assortment Strapless Velvet Plush Slipcover Why Velvet Spruce up your Dwelling and make it as wealthy and luxe as the velvet Material itself even as defending your furniture …

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Deconovo Jacquard Stretch Stable Color Small Checked Sofa Chair Cover Spandex Polyester Sofa Slipcover for Couch Black

Deconovo Jacquard Stretch Solid Color Small Checked Sofa Chair Cover Spandex Polyester Sofa Slipcover for Couch Black

Deconovo Jacquard Stretch Spandex Polyester Sofa Cover Dress up defend and refresh your Ancient Sofa or leather residing room Couch with these superbly stretched Deconovo Jacquard Couch Slipcover …

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MAYTEX Pixel Stretch 1-Piece Wing Again Arm Chair furnishings Cover/Slipcover, Sand

MAYTEX Pixel Stretch 1-Piece Wing Back Arm Chair Furniture Cover/Slipcover, Sand

Mainstays Pixel Stretch 1 Piece Wing Chair furniture Slipcover will instantly replace your furniture with a fresh new look The constructed-in elastic corners will support Preserve your slipcover in situation without the regular battle of slipping and tucking …

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Soulfeel 6 x Soft Spandex Match Stretch Short Eating Room Chair Covers with Printed Pattern, Ceremonial Dinner Chair Seat Protector Slipcover for Residence Get Together Motel Wedding Ceremony (Kind 1)

Soulfeel 6 x Soft Spandex Fit Stretch Short Dining Room Chair Covers with Printed Pattern, Banquet Chair Seat Protector Slipcover for Home Party Hotel Wedding Ceremony (Style 1)

Redecorate your Eating room in Kind with this Definite Fit Stretch Eating Room Chair Quilt …

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How to Turn Intimacy On or Off

Have you being avoiding your partner. Is your loved one no longer interested in your physical advances? Then you are not alone. You see, falling in love is the easy part. The key to a successful long term intimate relationship is how you keep that passion flame alive.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist for over 35 years, I helped many clients realize the many ways they were actually pushing away their beloved. Then they understood why their partner avoided their sexual advances. Here are 21 behaviors that can sabotage the love you so much desire.

Are you doing any of these things that are turning off your partner? Check off the ones you are.

I am…

1. Telling my loved one how things will be without their input or agreement.

2. Always right, and I never say, “I am sorry”.

3. Expecting my partner to be amorous after an unresolved argument.

4. Not interested in their feelings.

5. Being emotionally and/or physically abusive.

6. Taking my partner for granted.

7. Micromanaging with a tight budget.

8. Spending too much money to get back at them.

9. Making my work and friends more important than them.

10. Being critical of who they are, what they do, and/or how they look.

11. Avoiding communicating.

12. Feeling superior.

13. Being an insensitive lover.

14. Making excuses for not spending quality time.

15. Not hugging or telling them I love them except when I want sex.

16. Expecting my partner to do all the chores.

17. Not making any effort to solve problems.

18. Ignoring them at social events.

19. Not keeping my agreements.

20. Spending most of my spare time on the computer and/or social media.

21. Lying.

How did you do? Any one of these negative behaviors can cause distance between you and your partner. They are also the reason why your loved one may choose to have an affair. They look to another to receive what they are not getting from you.

We all want and deserve respect as an equal. Everyone needs to feel loved, important, good enough, appreciated, attractive, and worthy of quality time and attention.

For couples to heal their relationship, I teach them how to communicate constructively and solve all their problems with win-win solutions. I recommend a weekly date night and a monthly weekend away together to keep their relationship alive.

I suggest that they take turns planning their social time together and to make it fun and romantic. I help them realize how they may be different and they are both okay. In fact, they balance each other.

These are ways to turn on your partner, and maintain a long lasting intimate relationship. You can have what you desire, when you learn how. Go for it!